How to pre-empt problems with your Virtual Admin or other Remote based staff

One of the main challenges working with a Virtual Admin person is communication and how you set tasks and work together, even though you’re not in the same office.

I’m guessing neither of you are mind readers.

Even when all communication channels are open and you’re using them, there can sometimes still be a disconnect.

I’ve found a DISC profile on the person I am working with the best tool to figure out how to communicate more effectively – and to avoid situations that negatively impact on the work output.

Once you know whether a person is a D.I.S or C person you can tailor your approach in giving instructions and tasks.

A DISC profile will show both Strengths and Weaknesses. And with the weaknesses, you can pre-empt any issues.

Eg: if you are asking your VA to proof read documents, but their profile says they are a High I person, you might not get the best results.

If you have a VA in the S or C areas they may not be comfortable with a fast paced changing environment. But if this is your workplace you’ll need to take that into consideration when communicating changes and tasks. The last thing you want is your VA to shut down because it all became too much, too fast.

A DISC profile will even show what situations will reduce your VA’s motivation and what will happen when they are under pressure.

All of this will help you as a manage/ leader of this person to not only pre-empt any problems but also to coach this person to improve and grow their personal skills.

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