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Are you a small to medium business owner or manager? Do any of these statements ring true to you?
  • Too many things not enough time
  • Put it on my to do list
  • Too busy working in the business not on the business
  • No time to upskill yourself
  • Not a great work life balance
If yes, it sounds like you need someone to help you. Perhaps it’s time you got a Virtual Assistant.

Let me say from the outset: offshoring business processes doesn’t mean sending jobs overseas. True Story: I started the conversation with a company based in Melbourne in around May this year. Every time I rang, my contact had to step outside - “in case the walls had ears”. Their pain point: they weren’t winning as many tenders due to the competitors being cheaper and for the last 12 months the Directors and managers in the business had loosely spoken about offshoring some of their business processes, but hesitated because they “didn’t want to send jobs overseas” and they didn’t know where to start or who to talk to.