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Too busy to get a Virtual Admin Assistant?

Too busy to get a Virtual Admin Assistant?

Too Busy to get a Virtual Admin Assistant?

Are you a business owner that has all your knowledge on how you do things in your head?

And you know you need to get someone to help you, but you reckon you’ve got no time to be able to train someone?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. This is the dilemma many business owners tell me about.

It’s a hard place to be in. You know for your business to grow, you need to stop doing EVERYTHING, but how do you transfer knowledge to someone else to start helping you?

With an experienced Virtual Admin Assistant it can be easier than you think. And you’re not the first boss they’ve had to help. So ask them for their suggestions. There is a wealth of free or cheap ways to communicate and train other than typing out a step by step email.

Firstly, if you are using an off the shelf software program, get your VA to look up the training videos on how to use the program and self teach. That’s one of my tests. They need to be resourceful, so as not to be bothering you on how to do every little thing.

If you have a custom software program or you want to be hands on, use a virtual meeting platform to show them yourself. I use Zoom to meet with my Virtual Assistant and our Graphic Designer. We can share screens. I can show them how to do a task if I’m in a particular software program (faster than typing out instructions) and if we’re talking about a document she’s creating she can share her screen and take me through it and I can comment and ask for edits live. We also record these meetings.

If you don’t have the time to meet, then pre record your video instructions. Our technology consultant @Michael Lobb recently recorded how to add a blog to our website. He recorded while in our website, so it looked exactly as it would when we started to follow the instructions. My VA watched and completed the task successfully. Prior to this she’d never updated a blog in WordPress before.

Finally, like most business owners I’m a talker. Typing a step by step email is not my thing. I prefer giving instructions by talking and meeting live or recording a video. I think video instructions completes the handover of tasks faster and more efficiently. And my staff hear the passion I have on a project in my voice.

So take that step AWAY from doing EVERYTHING, get a Virtual Admin Assistant and start offloading all those tasks you shouldn’t be doing. Your business growth depends on it.

Dee Mills – Tallant Asia – Ethically & Responsibly Outsourcing

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