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Why We Chose Cebu

About Cebu

Why We Chose Cebu

We chose Cebu City, Philippines as the home base of Tallant Asia for many reasons. Cebu is the oldest and first capital of the Philippines, and is the most developed province in the entire country. Here we enjoy the comforts of modern living while still being very close to plant, animal and geological wonders within the island. Here are the other reasons why we chose Cebu:

  1. One of the Best Outsourcing Cities In The World

According to Tholons, Cebu City is ranked 7th best outsourcing city in the world. “Improvements in infrastructure and an enlarging talent pool have allowed the city’s IT-BPM sector to sustain recent developmental gains,” said the global outsourcing and investments advisory firm. It proves that the operations here are very competitive globally. The presence of Mactan International airport, serving direct flights to Australia, Korea, Singapore, Hongkong is also helping make Cebu much more accessible to the rest of the world.

  1. Quality of infrastructure

We’re rubbing shoulders with large multinational companies such Accenture, Lexmark, Teletech, Convergys, IBM and JP Morgan Chase here. The surge of investment and consumption in the Philippines is growing since the election of President Rodrigo Duterte. Touted the “Golden Age” of infrastructure lead by the president, big ticket projects are being planned not only in Cebu but other parts of the country. Our Tallant Asia office is in a grade-A building with 24-hour operations, security, high-speed Internet.

  1. Westernized culture

As a result of hundred years’ worth of colonial rule, Philippine culture now is a mix of predominantly Spanish and American framework with a touch of Asian culture. Filipinos love to listen to Billboard Top 40 music and watch American movies. They are known to have a westernized culture, more than their Southeast Asian counterparts.

  1. Talented, highly-skilled English speaking locals

Cebu City has a huge talent pool of university graduates with very high levels of English. This city is known to be the educational hub south of Luzon, with many students coming from other provinces just to attend school here. Some of the top schools here are University of San Carlos, University of Cebu, and Cebu Institute of Technology-University, which are all recognized with international levels of excellency. Any business process you could think of, we can find qualified candidates locally to fulfill those jobs.

  1. Geographical advantage

Some other special attributes of Cebu City are remoteness from earthquake and typhoon activity, with its geographical sweet spot in the east of Negros, west of Leyte and Bohol islands.

In summary, Cebu City enjoys international recognition as one of the best outsourcing hubs in the world because of access to great universities, an international airport, English-speaking locals and infrastructure helped by the presence of multinational companies.


crystal neri Crystal Neri is the Marketing Manager at Tallant Asia, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based in Cebu City, Philippines. Previously, Crystal worked as content and social media marketer for tech and recruitment companies. She graduated with honors from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University with a degree in Multimedia Communications.



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